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Committee Members

 Name:Prof. Raymond Mosha

Title: DVCAA Mount Meru University (MMU)

KNCHREC Title: Chair Person.

Name: Dr. Riziki kisonga

Title: KIDH director

KNCHREC Title: Executive administrative principal.

 Name: Dr. Emmanuel Mpolya

Title: Senior Lecturer(NM-AIST)

KNCHREC Title: Interim Secretary

 Name: Dr. Gabriel Shirima

Research CategoryAnimal Science and Biomedical Rsearch Specialist

KNCHREC Title: Member

 Name:Dr. Stellah mpagama

Research Category: Specialist in health research infectious diseases

KNCHREC Title: Member

 Name: Dr. Melkiory Masatu

Research Category: Health Researches

KNCHREC Title: Member

 Name: Dr. Peter Mbelele

Research Category: Microbiology

KNCHREC Title: Member


 Name: MS. Pendo Martha Joseph

Title: Nursing Care Specialist

KNCHREC Title: Member

 Name: Sheikh. Yahaya Abdalah Musa

Title: Sheikh

KNCHREC Title: Muslim Community Representative

 Name: Pastor. William Sinyau

Title: Pastor

KNCHREC Title: Christian Community Representative

 Name: Dr. Athanasia Matemu

Research Category: Nutritional Researches

KNCHREC Title:Member 

 Name: Anthony Oswald Kazikold

KNCHREC Title:Lawyer  

Name: Dr. Elingarimi Sauli Nkya

Research Category: Biomedical Researcher

KNCHREC Title:Member


Secretariat Contacts   Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   tel: +255684054715