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The role of the KNCHREC in Tanzania

The KNCHREC was established in 2017 with the major role of overseeing health and biomedical research conducted in the Northern zone of Tanzania and in line with NIMR, safeguarding the national interests, protecting research participants while taking into account the interests of the researcher and the research. Protection of research participants is based on five principles namely: Respect of autonomy, Beneficence, Justice, Community engagement and informed consent.

Functions of the KNCHREC

1. Provide zonal level ethical approval for health and biomedical research in northern Tanzania.

2. Review proposed research involving human subjects and ensure that all health and biomedical research is scientifically sound and ethically conducted.

3. Develop and establish mechanisms for monitoring of health and biomedical research approved by the KNCHREC.

4. Sensitize and update researchers, the community and other stakeholders on health and biomedical research related issues.

5. Establish an internal quality improvement program.

6. Review, and document bi-annual reports of approved local health and biomedical research for submission to NIMR



To become a reputable health and biomedical research ethics committee in northern Tanzania and beyond


Mission Statement

To ensure highest scientific and ethical standards of health and biomedical research and promote the rights, dignity, safety and protection of researchers, research participants and the entire community.



1. Integrity.

2. Independence.

3. Fairness.

4. Credibility.

5. transparency.

6. Consistency.

7. Scientific rigor.

Secretariat Contacts   Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   tel: +255684054715