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Mr. Simon Njeya

Professional Background /Position:

Mr. Simon Njeya is a public administrator professionally as well as having background of Medical Nursing Science. Currently I am Serving Kibong’oto Infectious Diseases Hospital as Quality Improvement and Clinical Audit Coordinators as well as Research Project administrator. Moreover, the Conception and delivery of KNCHREC has honored me to serve the committee in the capacity of being a secretary a role I played at the preliminary mobilization of efforts to realize the acceptance of the committee by the National Research and Ethics Authority thus NIMR.

By virtue of duration, I have been an employee of the Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children stationed at Kibongoto Infectious Diseases Hospital since 2007 to date.

Personal Statement

It’s my ambition to serve the committee with due diligence ensuring the turnaround time for review and approval of protocol is made short as possible so as to serve our potential Clients satisfactorily. I intend to mobilize necessary resource to build the excellence reviewers who will see the growth of research and innovation which is intended to revolutionize Human Development Health wise nationally and globally. Teamwork and uncompromised cooperation is breath and success.

Secretariat Contacts   Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   tel: +255754674008